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Classify bulk upload

Use Dashboard to classify your items in bulk.

Classifying your entire catalog into HS codes is time-consuming and complex. Our bulk Classify feature in Dashboard lets you directly upload your catalog items for quick, automated HS code classifications.

While Classify will return an HS code with only a description, the more fields you provide, the more accurate your classification will be. If you do not supply an ID, Classify will auto-generate an ID for you beginning with 1.

This document explains how to submit and retrieve bulk HS code classifications.

The Classify bulk upload request limit is 6.5 MB or about 50,000 items.

How to request a bulk HS code classification 

  1. Log in to your Dashboard account.
  2. Select ClassifyBulk Classification.
  3. Download the template CSV and add your product data. For bulk Classify to function properly, it is critical that the data uploaded via CSV is formatted correctly using the sample CSV template in Dashboard.
    1. Note: The only required field to request a bulk classification is 'description'.
    2. Note: The template must be uploaded with the exact header columns; if a header is deleted, the upload will fail.
  4. Upload your completed CSV file by clicking browse to locate the file or by dragging and dropping the file into the window.
  5. Once uploaded, a preview of the CSV will show up; review it to ensure you filled out the fields correctly.
  6. If you’d like to classify to specific countries, select add countries and select the countries you’d like to classify to. Once you have your countries selected, click add countries.
  7. Click Classify items. Once submitted, sit tight until the classification is complete. The completed CSV will appear in the Classifying table. Once complete (usually less than five minutes), your request will appear in the Bulk Requests table. You can click anywhere on the row to open, view, and download your bulk classification.

Next steps

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