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Classify settings


Classify settings

Discover how to optimize your use of Classify by leveraging Classify settings.


Accessible from Dashboard, Classify settings enable you to customize your preferences to maximize your Classify experience and results.

Restrict HS codes from Classify 

Zonos Classify provides a feature that allows you to eliminate or restrict Harmonized System (HS) codes from Classify so that your results are never in those codes. Customers may want to do this to avoid products from being classified into specific HS codes due to restrictions, prohibited goods, risk, or to simply avoid common misclassifications.

This feature allows you to hard restrict specific codes of the HS schedule at the chapter, heading, and subheading levels (anywhere between 2 and 6 digits) by simply providing an HS code. This prevents Classify from selecting HS codes in restricted areas, allowing you to have greater control over how your products are classified, thereby reducing potential delays and compliance issues with customs.

By restricting certain HS codes, you easily avoid the risk of common misclassifications. For example, a toy store may want to restrict chapter 93, firearms and ammunition, so that their toy guns aren't accidentally classified as a firearm. Or, a store that sells "champagne" colored clothing may benefit from restricting heading 2204 so their items aren't misclassified as wine, which could result in delays and higher duty rates.

Add restricted HS codes 


To add a restricted HS code to your Classify settings in Dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Classify settings.
  2. Navigate to Restrict HS codes.
  3. Input the HS code you'd like restricted. Only input one HS code at a time.
  4. Click Add restricted code.

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