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The Zonos Classify API 


Explore the basics of the Zonos Classify API.

Zonos Classify allows you to classify items with our machine learning-based tool that generates instant, accurate (HS) codes with as little as an item description.

Classifying your products will help you improve your accuracy if you generate landed cost calculations over country-specific de minimis values. It will also help flag restricted items, assign accurate duty and tax rates, and ensure compliance for a smooth customs clearance process.

Supply as many item details as possible to get an accurate HS code. While only an item description is required to return an HS code, additional item information (image URL, category, etc.) will improve classification accuracy.

Using your unique identifier across Zonos products 

Zonos Catalog allows you to use your choice of sku, product id, or a combination of the two to create and reference your catalog item details. For Classify, this allows you to store your HS codes and other item details in your Zonos Catalog and use those details to generate landed cost quotes, create labels, etc.

If this doesn’t make sense for your business needs (i.e., postal or other businesses not interested in storing catalog items), then these fields are not required to request a classification.

Classify API responses 

When Classify receives a classification request, it attempts to match the input item data included in the request with a match in Classify’s database based on the highest confidence score. Based on what is found, Classify can return a variety of responses:

  1. When hsCode is returned with a 6 to 8+ digit HS code, depending on whether or not a ship-to country was included in the request, your classification request was successful.
  2. When {"errors": [ { "message": "No adequate response"}]} is returned, that means Classify could not find a classification due to insufficient input information.

Distinctions between universal (6-digit) and country-specific (8+ digit) codes 

Universal (6-digit) codes:

To request a universal (6-digit) code, leave the ship-to country null in the Classify request. A 6-digit classification is universal for all WCO member countries and is used by customs worldwide to identify products. Learn more.

Country-specific (8+ digit) codes:

To request a country-specific (8+ digit code), add the ship-to country in the Classify request. These additional codes are used to further distinguish products, helping you to manage restricted items, access reduced tax rates, secure preferential duty rates, and ensure smoother customs clearance. Learn more.