Zonos App User Guide

Users / roles

Adding a new user

After logging in to the Zonos App with your email/password, go to Team on the dashboard menu and select the blue +ADD TEAM MEMBER button.

add team member

edit contact

Assigning roles/permission levels

Note: Each user permission level includes itself and everything below it.

Cancel an order

Cancelling an order in the Zonos App is easy to do. When an order is cancelled, funds are credited back to the customers account. To cancel an order, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the “CANCEL” order button on the upper right side of order details page.
  2. Select one of the four options in the “Reason” drop down box.
  3. Enter note (optional). This will be tied to the order but for internal processes only and will not be seen by the customer.
  4. Select if you want an email sent to the customer. If Zonos sends cancellation emails on your behalf, this will happen automatically.
  5. Click the red “CANCEL” button and confirm the cancellation.

order cancellation


Once an order has been cancelled, it cannot be undone and is final. Funds cannot be recaptured once complete. Orders may need to be cancelled on your ecommerce platform in addition to the Zonos App depending on the extension or integration with Zonos. Depending on the customers bank and country the order was placed, funds may take 3-5 business days before showing on their statement.


When part or all of an order needs to be refunded, this will need to be done inside the Zonos App. This action would be used if an order has been shipped and only a partial amount of the order needs to be refunded. If an order does not ship and the total amount should be refunded, then the “Cancel order” option is recommended. To refund an order, following the steps below:

  1. Click the blue “ACTIONS” button on the upper right side of order details page.
  2. Select “REFUNDS
  3. Enter the amount you would like to refund on either product, shipping, or duty and tax line.
  4. Click “SAVE



Depending on the customers bank and country the order was placed, funds may take 3 - 5 business days before showing on their statement. You can refund up to the total amount paid on either product, shipping, or the duty and tax line. If an amount greater than the amount paid is attempted, the refund will not occur and an error message will appear.

Update tracking number

You have the ability to update your tracking number to an order. If using Zonos Payments, a tracking number may be needed to confirm shipment of an order and to receive payment. This can be passed via API or may be pulled automatically with some extensions. If you are printing labels from the Zonos App, this will populate automatically as well. If not, this info can be updated easily inside the order detail page. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click the blue “ACTIONS” button on the upper right side of order details page.
  2. Click “Add tracking number
  3. Enter or paste your tracking number in the field displayed.
  4. Click “SAVE””.


If “Order shipped” notifications are enabled, your customer will receive an update email sent by Zonos on your behalf. This can be set up by going to Checkout > General > Emails > and toggling on “Order shipped notification” in the app.

Promo Codes

You have the ability to create and manage promo codes inside the Zonos App. Give a discount on items, shipping, or the order total with either a percentage or flat dollar amount. You can limit the number of times a code is used by individual user or the number of times it’s used overall, set start and end dates or set up discounts to indivdual sku’s as well. Follow these steps to enable and create promo codes inside the Zonos Checkout:

  1. Enable promo codes in the App by going to Checkout > General and toggle on the “Enable promo codes” PromoCode
  2. Next, go to Promo Code on the sidebar (you may need to refresh your page after enabling promo codes to see “Promo Code” on the sidebar).
  3. Click “Add Promo Code” in the upper right corner of the page.
  4. Fill out the required fields shown in red as well as any other optional fields needed.
  5. Click “Save” and your promo code is ready to use. Promo Code

Editing and deleting existing promo Codes

You can easily edit existing promo codes in the app. Simply click on the code you’d like to change and it will pull up the code details where you can edit, deactivate, or delete the code from your list.


You can apply specific discounts to items by adding in the specific sku in the “Apply to sku” field. To add multiple skus, simple separate each sku with a pipe “123-456|123-789” or with a comma “123-456,123-789” and add as many skus as needed. Once the promo code is enabled in the checkout, your customers will see the promo code field in the payment section of the checkout. The promo code will trigger once it is entered correctly and “Apply” is clicked. The discount will show in its own line item in the payment section so your customer can see the discount that has been applied to the order.

Abandoned cart emails

Bring back customers with Zonos Abandoned Cart Emails. Set up this service easily inside the Zonos App. Find detailed info on our abandoned cart recovery service here. Follow the steps below to enable abandoned cart emails:

  1. Make sure that the email address you want Zonos to from on your behalf is enabled. This is done by going to the “Store” section in the app and completing the “Verify Store Email” in the company section.
  2. Go to Checkout > General > Emails and enable “Abandoned cart” emails.
  3. Once enabled, you can scroll down and setup your abandoned cart settings. Abandoned Cart


Abandoned cart emails will not be sent to EU customers unless customers have opted in to marketing emails in the Zonos Checkout or if you choose to disable the GDPR settings.

Zonos Quoter

The Zonos Quoter allows you and your team to produce shipping, duty and tax quotes from the Zonos App. You also have the ability to generate a checkout that you can send to your customers to complete their checkout as well. Simply follow the steps below to create a custom quote.

  1. Go to the “Quoter” section in the Zonos App located on the sidebar.
  2. Fill out the destination address in the “Where is it going” section.
  3. The “Ship from” section will prefill with your stores default info. You can change this if needed by clicking on the “Ship from” section.
  4. Enter the item(s) info in the “What are you sending” section. The “description” section will populate previous order data from orders that have processed through the Zonos checkout. Pre-populated items will auto-populate the item weight and price used at the checkout as well. You can also input or override any changes necessary. You can click on the advanced options to enter in HS Code, Country of Origin, & Item SKU if available.
  5. Next, enter your package weight and dimensions. If the order contains multiple packages, click the “Multiple package shipment” and enter the weight and total pieces. Zonos Quoter
  6. Once the info is complete, you have two options. You can click “Get quote” which will give you a shipping, duty and tax quote for all the service levels you have enabled for your store. You can click on the individual shipping service name for a detailed breakdown of the quote that will show duty, tax and any carrier fees for that order. Your other option is to click “Generate Checkout” and a checkout is created that your customers can use to complete payment. Quote


If a checkout is created, you must have payment details set up for your store in order for an order to be completed. Also, if you are using a Zonos extension for your store, orders completed through the quoter, may not import as an order completed from the website and may need to be input manually in your system if necessary. You can find all of the order details in the Zonos App.

Inside the checkout, you can click the “Email Cart to Buyer” button on the bottom left of the checkout which will copy the link of the checkout to your email box where you can send to your customer to complete checkout.