How to get your USAePay API key

Disclaimer: Please be aware that you can use your current transaction key if you have one to enter into your Zonos app payment settings. If you choose to create a new transaction key to replace your current one, this will affect your current payment settings. Make sure you update your information accordingly.

  1. Log in to your USAePay account with your merchant username and password.
  2. Under Settings in the sidebar, go to the API Keys tab.
  3. To add an API key, click the +Add API Key button.
  4. A new window will appear as shown below: API keys
  5. Enter “Zonos Integration” under the Name field. For added security, you may enter an optional pin number.
  6. Click Apply or Save after you are done filling out the form fields. Your API key will automatically be generated by the system. New API key
  7. Provide your new API key and optional pin (if available) to Zonos via the secure payment page provided by your Zonos project manager.

Adding your payment credentials in the Zonos app

  1. Log in to with your username and password. Login
  2. Go to Checkout in the sidebar, scroll down to Shipping, payment and statement settings. Checkout
  3. Click on Payment. Payment
  4. Click on the blue ADD button next to USAePay.
  5. Here, you can enter your payment credentials.
  6. Click on the Save button when you are done.