Quick setup guide

Get Zonos Checkout set-up today

For a quick setup of Zonos Checkout for your stores, this is the page for you.

Minimum requirements to go live:

1 Company Information Control Center > Company Required
2 Carrier Enablement Control Center > Carrier Required
3 Zonos Payments Control Center > Company Required
  3rd Party Payment Gateway Control Center > Checkout > Payment Settings Required
4 Shipping and Landed Cost Calculations Control Center > Checkout > Shipping Settings Optional
5 Go Live Checkout Control Center > Checkout > Checkout Settings Required

1. Company information

The following company information is required:

2. Carrier enablement

If you use UPS, FedEx, or DHL, you must first enter your registration credentials inside of the carrier section. The default rates provided are the negotiated/discounted rates for each carrier. Additional mark-ups, discounts, or flat rate shipping is available after your carrier’s registration.

3. Payment setup

You have two options for payments: Zonos Payments or use a 3rd Party Gateway. You only need one or the other to go live, not both.

Zonos™ Payments - (approval required)

To use Zonos Payments, you will need the following information in addition to your company information:

  • Legal entity name (corresponding to EIN)
  • Entity type (e.g. Partnership, S Corp, C Corp, etc.)
  • Name of authorized signee

Third-party gateways

You can add any of the following payment gateways to your checkout: Stripe, PayPal, Payflow Pro, Cybersource, GoInterpay, Braintree, USA ePay, Authorize.net, or GPG (Global Payment Gateway).

4. Shipping and landed cost calculations

Inside the Shipping Settings module, you can enable the shipping methods you want shown, set-up your duty and tax, and enable your allowed ship to countries. Custom rates, or carriers not shown, can be integrated by contacting support@zonos.com, and we will provide the information needed to get these configured.

5. Go live

To complete your go live, just go to your Checkout Settings and toggle on Enable Store. Your checkout will now be able to take orders in production.