Promo codes

Zonos gives you the ability to create and manage promo codes within the Zonos app. Give a discount on items, shipping, or the order total with either a percentage or flat-dollar amount. You can also limit the number of times a code is used by an individual user or the number of times a code is used overall, set start and end dates, or set up discounts to individual SKU’s.

Follow these steps to enable and create promo codes within Zonos Checkout:


Promo Code

Editing and deleting existing promo codes

You can easily edit existing promo codes in the app. Simply click on the code you want to change, and it will pull up the code details where you can edit, deactivate, or delete the code from your list.


You can apply specific discounts to items by adding in the specific SKU in the “Apply to SKU” field. To add multiple SKU’s, simply separate each SKU with a pipe “123-456|123-789” or with a comma “123-456,123-789”, and add as many SKU’s as needed. Once the promo code is enabled in the checkout, your customers will see the promo code field in the payment section of the checkout. The promo code will trigger once it is entered correctly and “Apply” is clicked. The discount will show in its own line item in the payment section so your customer can see the discount applied to the order.