Go live checklist

  Checklist Note
Check Box Zonos Hello installed Geo-IP test on GeoPeeker
Check Box Currency is converting. Ensure the currency is changing with flag change (If enabled).
Check Box Updated international shipping policies For example: new duties and taxes policy
Check Box Checkout redirect is working. Change the flag to a foreign country and attempt checkout.
Check Box Get email notifications. Get notifications on new orders, cancellations
Check Box Set-up fraud. Processes are in place for the fraud product you are using.
Check Box Inform Accounting. Make sure Accounting is aware of changes.
Check Box Add team members. Give team members access to the Zonos app.
Check Box Carrier discounts in place Discounts are in place with shipping provider.
Check Box Check AVS settings. AVS allows international orders only for 3rd Party Gateways.
Check Box Correct shipping service levels. For example: check service levels by carrier and by country.
Check Box Check shipping rates. For example: your shipping rates are coming back.
Check Box Check landed cost calculation. Ensure you are logged in to see details on landed cost.
Check Box Included or optional landed cost Landed cost by default is optional by service level.
Check Box Waive advancement or DDP fees. For example: waive the UPS $15 free domicile fee.
Check Box Run test orders. Run a test order with test card.
Check Box Tested payment Run and cancel an order with a cc.
Check Box Tested Paypal Checkout Make sure PayPal Checkout is redirecting.
Check Box Reviewed order confirmation page. Thank you for your order page looks good.
Check Box Received completed order email. Check logo, email from, and look and feel.
Check Box Review checkout design. Review company logo and UI.
Check Box Order imported correctly Reconcile orders that import to your platform or ERP.
Check Box Send packages DDP. DDP orders (taxes prepaid) are shipped duties and taxes billed back to shipper.