Flat rate shipping

Create flat rate shipping rules

Learn how to create custom flat rate shipping rules based on cart subtotal and/or weight.

How to create rules

You can create multiple rules for one zone or multiple tiers per rule.

To create a custom flat rate shipping rules, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings > Shipping settings.
  2. Choose the zone you want to enable the shipping rule.
  3. Go to Rules, and select Add new rule.
  4. Enter your “Display name”. This will be the name shown to customers in your checkout.
  5. Select the check box if you want to only estimate duties and taxes.
  6. Create your rules by choosing if the shipping price is based on “Cart subtotal” or “Weight”.
  7. Choose an option of “>” (greater than), “<“ (less than), or “between”, then enter the cart price or weight for the rule.
  8. Enter the price shown at checkout. NOTE: The price shown here will be the final price shown at checkout. Any buffers will not be added.
  9. If needed, add a “new tier” and repeat the steps above.
  10. Click Save to finish adding your shipping rule.

Flat rate shipping gif

Next steps


Is it possible to delete shipping rules in Dashboard?

Yes, just hover over the shipping rules and you will see an “X” button to delete the rule.