Billing statements

Using Zonos Payments

Payout terms are subject to change based on unusual risk factors or activity. Statements are generated as outlined in your Zonos Pricing Agreement. If a bank holiday falls on the agreed-upon payment date, this may delay payment until the following business day. You can view your transactions and statements by logging in to your Zonos account.

Statement minimum and frequency:

Store agreements generally include a statement minimum, which is the minimum amount your store must sell before we will make a payment to you. This statement minimum is outlined in your Zonos Pricing Agreement. Transactions will only be on the statement if they are 7 days old and the total exceeds the statement minimum. If those conditions are not met, your transactions will be evaluated each Friday until they are met. If your monthly transactions never reach the statement minimum threshold, they will be put on a statement at least every 5th Friday, which will be the Friday after the oldest transaction became 30 days old.

Additional details:

Transactions will be valid to show up on a payout statement once payment from the customer is successfully processed. Transactions will also be valid if they include certain exemptions upon review e.g. accounting adjustments, software bugs, or cancelled orders.

If you are required to enter shipping information, the transaction will remain as “pending” and will not be put on a statement.

If you still believe that you have not been paid appropriately, please contact us at

Download your statements

You can view your statement by logging in to your Zonos Dashboard and clicking on Statements in the left menu. Click on the download icon on the top-right corner.


Understanding your Zonos statement

Column Description
STATEMENT NUMBER Individual ID for each statement (billing or payment)
STATUS Will show “OPEN” or “PAID”
GROSS TOTAL Total amount collected for all orders per statement
FEES Total fees deducted for any transaction, fps, or merchant fees
NET TOTAL Amount that will be or was deposited into your bank account
DATE Date that statement was paid

To see individual statement details with each order that has been or will be paid out, click on any of the statement numbers. This will have the Zonos order id, your order id (if provided), customer name, ship to country, order total, a breakdown of each fee deducted from the order, and the total amount paid on each order. You will also find a grand total for each of the fees and the total payout amount at the bottom of the statement detail.

To download individual statement details to a CSV file, select the download arrow on the top right of the page.