Billing & statements

Depending on whether you are using Zonos Payments or using your own payment processor, you can find details about payment and/or billing information below.

Using your own payment processor

If you choose to use your own payment processor, statements will be created at 1:00 a.m. on the first day of each month, and you will be billed through Stripe Billing.

Invoices are created and sent by the 5th of each month for all the previous month’s transactions, and the invoice fees are automatically collected using either your credit card or ACH information on file.

A detailed breakdown of your monthly transactions and fees can be located in the Statements section in the Zonos App.

Using Zonos Payments

If using Zonos Payments, you will be paid as follows:

Statement minimum and frequency:

Store agreements generally include a statement minimum, which is the minimum amount your store must sell before we will make a payment to you. The typical minimum is $500.00.

Additional details:

Understanding your Zonos statement

You can view your statement details in the app by going to the “BILLING” section and selecting “STATEMENTS”. Statements

Here you will see an overview of each statement, which includes the following information:

Column Description
STATEMENT NUMBER Individual ID for each statement (billing or payment)
STATUS Will show “OPEN” or “PAID”
GROSS TOTAL Total amount collected for all orders per statement
FEES Total fees deducted for any transaction, fps, or merchant fees
NET TOTAL Amount that will be or was deposited into your bank account
DATE Date that statement was paid

To see individual statement details with each order that has been or will be paid out, click on any of the statement numbers. This will have the Zonos order id, your order id (if provided), customer name, ship to country, order total, a breakdown of each fee deducted from the order, and the total amount paid on each order. You will also find a grand total for each of the fees and the total payout amount at the bottom of the statement detail. You can download the statement details to a CSV file by selecting the download arrow on the top right of the page.

For additional questions about billing or payments, chat us or contact