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Create a zonos account


Create a Zonos account

Learn how to create an account in a few simple steps.

A Zonos account is used with all products and integrations and can be managed in Dashboard. In Dashboard, you can update your account information, configure your shipping and landed cost settings, access your integration credentials, and view and manage your orders.

Create an account 

When you are ready to start using Zonos, your first step is to create an account.

  1. Register for a Zonos account.
  2. Enter your company information.
  3. Enter default customs information.
  4. Connect your shipping carriers (or click I'll do this later), and select the countries you'd like to ship to.
  5. Add your store’s billing information.

Create a second account 

Each account registration requires a unique email address. However, you don't need a whole new email account to register a second Zonos account. Instead, you can use an alias, which is just a variation of your current email address.

For example, if your email address is name@gmail.com, you could use the alias name+1@gmail.com to register for your second Zonos account. All emails from Zonos will still go to your regular inbox, and you won't need to create a separate email account.

Once you have registered your second Zonos account, you can link both accounts under the same email for easier management. This means you can use just one login to access both accounts.

Next steps 

With your account created, you are now ready to integrate Zonos with your store. View our installation guides if you plan to use a plugin, or view our API reference if you plan to build the API yourself.

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