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Zonos for Shopify

Learn about Zonos integrations available for Shopify.

Zonos has two solutions available for your Shopify platform:

Landed Cost for Shopify 

Below, we break down the features available to you with the Landed Cost for Shopify plugin. Feel free to reach out to a Zonos Sales Associate for more information.

Included features:

  • Duty and tax quotes
  • Full landed cost
  • Zonos Hello
  • Detailed landed cost breakdown (Shopify Plus customers only)
  • Uses Shopify Checkout
  • UK VAT, EU VAT, and IOSS ready (including tax collection and reporting)
  • Automatically syncs tracking numbers from Dashboard to Shopify and from Shopify to Dashboard

Notable shipping features:

  • Carrier rules
  • Shipping rules
  • Dimensional shipping
  • Multiple carriers
  • Estimated delivery dates
  • Display times in transit


Do my orders sync between Zonos and Shopify?

When an order is created inside Shopify, Zonos imports the order and matches it to the landed cost calculation that was given to the shopper at the time of checkout. This gives you a complete picture of the order for your international needs and fulfillment. Orders are synced between Zonos and Shopify for major events like:

  • Adding a tracking number
  • Canceling an order
  • Refunding an order

Next steps

Are you ready to get started? Click the links below to learn about the installation process or what makes up a landed cost calculation.

  • Landed Cost- Learn how to install the Landed Cost plugin directly from the Shopify App Store.
  • Hello - Get details on how to install Hello for your Shopify store.
  • Total landed cost - Understand what makes up a landed cost.