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Use Zonos products and APIs to auto-classify your products, calculate a guaranteed landed cost, and ensure seamless, compliant delivery of your international shipments.

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  • Classify Save time and money by assigning HS codes for products inside our dashboard or integrating our API
  • Landed Cost Create a seamless and worry-free international delivery experience. Zonos calculates and remits duties and taxes to the broker, carrier, or country.
  • Shipment rating Improve shopper conversion and fine-tune your shipping profitability. Calculate your international shipping with negotiated, flat rate, tiered, or rule-based shipping calculations.
  • Compliance Simplify the label creation process, and rest assured you don’t ship a restricted item or send a shipment to a denied party.
  • Global ecommerce Create a localized buying experience for international shoppers with Checkout and Hello.
  • Catalog Manage all of your product details, which you can use to power your landed cost quotes and store your classifications

Manage your Zonos account 

Navigate the Zonos Dashboard to manage team members, retrieve credentials, and update settings.

Zonos Catalog manages all of your product details in Dashboard, which you can use to power your landed cost quotes, generate labels, store and manage your classifications, and more.